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What people are saying about our products....

"I love your product! Last summer I inherited my mother's dining room set. It had at least 50 years of dirt and polish on it and I didn't know what to do to clean it. I saw your product at an antique show. It was wonderful! It took off the dirt, polish and old finish easily and I have a beautiful, richly finished dining room set. When I ran out of your product, I thought I would use Formby's Furniture Refinisher for another project. It didn't work as well and I'm back to using Western Wood Doctor. Thank you!"

You can see photos of Maryann's dining room set in our Photo Gallery.

Maryann G. 
Everett, WA

"I purchased a gallon of your refinisher at the Tacoma Dome Antique Fair and find it working wonderful on an old radio (30's or 40's). Your product makes this job so much easier. I know I will be back for more because I want to do a couple coffee tables and all my cupboards in my house. ;)" "I just had to write again and tell you how great your product is. I am shocked that it is not in every Home Depot in the country. :) In fact I even went looking for it and have told so many people about it. I finished the 30's radio and it looks beautiful. I am now doing a secretary (china hutch) that my Mom had for 40 years that she passed on to me a year ago. This secretary was in a house before my Mom acquired it and it has been in this state since then. I wanted to pass on some pictures I took before I started today. The door that I did only took 15 min, great considering all the etching in the wood. The stuff coming off this secretary is like glue, thick and black!

You can see photos of Cindy's china hutch in our Photo Gallery.

Cindy B.
Vancouver, WA

"I have been refinishing my woodwork in my home and tried all the other refinishers and decided to give yours a try. I read all the testimonials and thought I didn't have anything to lose. I couldn't believe how it melted the old finish away. I had to call my mom so she could come see it work!! I have told everyone I know about it. Unbelievable!!!"

Peggy N.
Madison, SD

"We bought a quart of your refinisher and took it home on trial. We are delighted! 2 coats of built up old enamel on a wooden chest, it came off in less then 15 minutes right down to the original wood - fantastic! We love it!"

Mr. and Mrs. M.
Kelso, WA

"My great grandmother's dresser has always looked black and cracked to me, (from the old varnish) and even though it was precious to me, I wished it could look like the beautiful piece of furniture it once was! Now at last I have found a way to make this piece of furniture (and others) gorgeous again, without a lot of work! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!"

Bonny A.
Yakima, WA

"I have used this product (Western Wood Doctor Refinisher) and found it to do the job well!"

Ralph D.
Montesano, WA

"I bought a quart of the "refinisher" last fall, and it sat in the pantry. Just recently I decided to start removing the varnish from our old library table. WOW! Double WOW!!! What an amazing product!!! It works like a dream and doesn't raise the veneer or grain"

Kim H.

"I'm overjoyed to find WWD again - we used it 20 or so years ago then couldn't find it. There's no substitute!"

Wilson C.
San Francisco, CA

"I have been a fan of Howard's restore-a-finish for more than 8 years. It is the best product of its kind that I have ever used. As a custom cabinet fabricater and installer, I would not be without it."

John H.
Citrus County, FL

"I really like your Restore-a-Finish product. I have used it on my bathroom vanity and all of the woodwork in my bath and bedroom. I am planning to restore all of the woodwork in my house."

Barb A.

"We are using your product (Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax) on old Japanese furniture and are VERY pleased with the results!"

Leesa G.

"Many, maybe 30, years ago I used some of your CHAIR-LOC on a rocker of my own. It has never sweeked or fallen apart in all the years I've owned it."

Julie A.
Burbank, CA

"... Simichrome is the best polish I've ever used."

Betty O.
Tacoma, WA

"... Simichrome is the greatest metal cleaning product I've ever seen."

Ed B.
Lakeland, FL

"A few years ago I purchased 2 bottles of Metal Doctor for cleaning old brass pieces at the Puyallup Fair. It is great stuff! I wish to purchase 4 more bottles of Metal Doctor and just found your leaflet with your address."

Stuart F.
Eugene, OR

"To all internet purchasers who want a company that stands by the products they sell, this is the company. They put the "s" in service. So have the faith to buy their products and they will ship to you what you order in a timely manner. I have recommended them to my family for excellent service and the product they sell (Howard Wax).. I have been purchasing from them since 2000."

Randolph T.

We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and wonderful success stories. Please feel free to send your stories, comments, and before and after photos to us.

- The Roehl Family

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