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How can we care for our environment?

Green ideas to minimize our impact on the earth

For over 30 years, we have been selling wood care products and giving refinishing advice to customers all over the planet that has reduced our impact on the environment. Here are a few ideas:


Keep'n the Earth Green! *

  1. Saving Trees - Whether you use our products to protect, preserve, restore, repair, or refinish your furniture, cabinets, woodwork, boat, house, etc., you are not only saving your treasure, but keeping it from filling up a landfill. We have no way of calculating how many trees have been saved by people that use our products, but my guess is a lot, maybe in the tens of thousands or more. Those trees are alive and purifying the air we breathe. Not only are you saving trees, but also the money that new furniture, cabinets, or siding would cost. Being green can be good for the environment and your pocketbook.

  2. Infra-Red Heat Stripping - The Speedheater Paint Remover is our newest tool. It removes thick paint and varnish from siding, windows, trim, boats, and other large projects using infra-red heat. Quite simply, it is the fastest and best way that we have found to remove really thick paint and varnish. Period. There is no need for chemicals or sanding, so you save time, money, and the environment.

  3. Recycled Packing Peanuts and Boxes - All of our packing peanuts are recycled from local stores. These peanuts would go straight into a landfill if we didn't rescue them for re-use. Over 90% are made from biodegradable cornstarch, so you can dissolve them in water if you can't find a new use for them. We re-use any box that is in good shipping condition. Most of our new shipping boxes are 25% or more post-consumer content.

  4. Saving Time, Money and Energy by Purchasing Online - I often think that purchasing products online is like taking a bus. For example, a commuter can save money and energy by taking the bus to work. Like a commuter, a consumer can save money and energy, and also time by purchasing online and having the products delivered to their doorstep. If you actually totaled the cost of gas, oil, tires, tune-ups, repairs, road tolls, parking, etc. that you use while driving to get supplies, you would probably be surprised. And how much is your time worth? I think of the UPS truck as a bus for products.

* That is a photo of a 10' high giant striped sunflower. Sunflowers are considered drought tolerant, their roots grow very deep in search of water, so they require very little irrigation. Kids, adults, photographers, everyone likes them. :-)

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