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Speedheater Infra Red Paint Remover

Clean & Green Technology - No Chemicals!

The Speedheater Infra Red Paint Remover uses infra-red heat to soften multiple layers of paint and varnish quickly and easily for removal from window sills, doors, siding, trim, molding, boats, window shutters, and any many other interior and exterior surfaces. Infra-red heat penetrates deep into the many layers of paint, simultaneously warming all the layers of paint to a consistent temperature, so you can remove many layers in 1 movement.

Safer than old-fashioned heat guns, it heats the paint and varnish to the optimum temperature for removal, approximately 320 - 500 ° F, much cooler than a heat gun's 800 ° F or more. The Speedheater Infra Red Paint Remover has been tested for lead based paint removal, and the results showed the Speedheater removed lead more effectively, and safer with significantly lower risk of exposure to lead fumes and dust, compared to traditional methods. Read more...

Place the Speedheater Paint Remover over the area you want to strip for 20 - 60 seconds. When the finish is soft, move the Speedheater to the next area that you want to strip. Scrape the paint and finish from the softened area. When you are done removing the finish, the next area will be soft and ready to scrape, so there is no waiting between areas. This results in very quick and efficient removal of multiple coats of finish.

The Speedheater Method is more than a tool, it is a system for paint and finish removal that has been used for house restoration and boat refinishing in Europe for years, where environmental and safety laws are very strict. Speedheater System accessories include 2-handed scrapers that are designed to be pulled toward the user rather than pushed, resulting in much less hand and arm strain. For vertical and overhead surfaces, there are 2 models of movable arms that hold the Speedheater over the area while it is heated.

Speedheater Paint Remover at work

Speedheater Paint Remover - Karin

Speedheater Paint Remover - scraper

This Old House Magazine

Watch a video of the Speedheater and the movable arm in use on our Videos webpage.

When should I use the Speedheater?

  • The Speedheater Paint Remover works best on 2 or more coats of paint or marine spar varnish.
  • It is generally used on houses or boats, but you can use it on furniture if you use a wooden paint scraper.
  • Paint and varnish adhere best to raw wood. If your project already has multiple coats of finish, or if the old finish is flaking or peeling or bubbling up, you should remove that old finish so the new paint or varnish can "stick" to the wood. When a finish is applied directly to the wood, it will last much longer.
  • You can read more about the Speedheater System in PDF format.

One of our many happy customers reports:

As a new homeowner in one of the hottest markets in the US, our decision to purchase a fixer-upper was made by the bank. We could have torn out and re-built everything, but with such good bones and history, our 1911 San Francisco Edwardian home called for us to use elbow grease. After months of renovation and a disastrous, painful experience stripping our stairway with chemical stripper (not Western Wood Doctor Refinisher), we decided there had to be another route.

While researching on-line we came across a product from the Western Wood Doctor called the Speedheater 1100. I know what a name! We have a large built-in redwood hutch-sideboard-bench thing, painted with many layers of white and cream paint (and cigarette smoke stains). After nearly a century of paint and use we found time to tackle this daunting task. Over a weekend the two of us managed to remove the paint, and clean up our ornate 10'x14' built in piece of furniture without damaging our newly refinished hardwood floors or killing each-other! ** Oh yes, it was far less expensive than the chemical stripper. We will use this product again, and recommend it to our friends.

- Joel Riddell, Executive Producer with KGO-abc San Francisco

   Spring Sale Prices!

Quickly and Easily Remove Heavy Paint and Varnish the Clean & Green Way!

New Speedheater 1100 Paint Remover Kit   Please contact www.eco-strip.com

New and Improved Kit Includes: Speedheater 1100-15
1 Clapboard Scraper
1 Profile Scraper
Set of Ladder Hooks
Carrying Case and Support Bar
DVD and Instruction Manual

* This product is temporarily unavailable.
Speedheater Paint Remover Speedheater Paint Remover Kit
  • This is a Genuine Speedheater, beware of low quality imitators
  • New model 1100-15 has passed UL safety and durability testing
  • New internal shock absorbers to help stabilize tubes during rough use
  • New heavier commercial duty internal parts and cord for added durability
  • New instructional DVD and instruction manual
  • Includes toolbox carrying case and support bar
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Save money, order accessory kits
  • Try it before you buy it with a rental


                        Diagrams showing how to use scrapers

      Clapboard Paint Scraper                   N/A

  • Use on flat surfaces and inside 90° angle corners.
Clapboard Scraper

    Profile Paint Scraper                         N/A

  • Use on a variety of curved surfaces.                      
Profiled Scraper

      Boomerang Paint Scraper                 N/A

  • Use on very narrow grooves and curved surfaces.
Boomerang Scraper

    Window Glazing Chisel with Roller     N/A

  • Removes glazing putty from window frames.          
Window Glazing Chisel with Roller

      Window Putty Scraper                       N/A

  • Removes glazing putty from window glass.            
Putty Scraper

  Ladder Hooks - Pair                           N/A

  • Conveniently places tools within easy reach.          
Ladder Hooks

Movable Arms:

      Classic Arm and Wall Mount Kit     N/A

The Classic Arm

Spare Parts:

      Profile Replacement Blade               N/A

Profile Replacement Blade

      Boomerang Replacement Blade       N/A

Boomerang Replacement Blade

      Clapboard Replacement Blade         N/A

Clapboard Replacement Blade

      Replacement Bulbs - Pair                N/A

Replacement Bulbs - Pair

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