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Refinisher Paint and Varnish Remover

Contains No Methylene Chloride

Western Wood Doctor Refinisher Paint and Varnish Remover works faster and is less messy than regular paint stripper. It quickly and easily removes varnish, shellac, lacquer, and 2-3 coats of paint from your furniture, cabinets, antiques and fine collectibles.

Refinisher Paint and Varnish Remover is a liquid, so it will get into small grooves and corners where thick paint strippers can't penetrate. It's non-caustic formula will not burn your skin like regular paint stripper. The fast acting solvents will dissolve the finish in seconds compared to ordinary paint stripper that requires 1/2 hour or more to work.

Refinisher Paint Stripper and Varnish Remover

Refinisher Paint and Varnish Remover does not raise the grain, and will not harm veneers or laminates. It will leave the wood smooth and ready to accept any finish. The natural patina and color of the wood is not harmed, so you may apply a natural finish if you desire.

Most people can strip a medium sized table and 4 chairs with a gallon. To see examples of what our Refinisher can do, please visit our Photo Gallery.

WWD Refinisher Finish Remover         Gallon    


To remove 3 or more coats of paint or marine spar varnish from windows, trim, siding, decks, boats, etc., please visit our Speedheater Paint Remover webpage. If you have questions, please visit our Tips and FAQs page, or contact us.

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  1. Pour 2 to 3 oz. Refinisher in a small wide-mouth jar.
  2. Dip 1/3 pad "0" steel wool in refinisher and squeeze excess back in jar.
  3. Rub steel wool in a 3" to 4" area until finish dissolves.
  4. Wipe dry with an absorbent cloth or towel.
  5. Allow to dry 1/2 hour and apply tung oil or any finish you would like.

Helpful Hints

  • To get into small cracks, corners, grooves, and decorative carvings, use a 2-3" wide paint trim brush. The cheap, white bristled models work well. Cut the bristles to toothbrush length (about 1/2" long), dip in Refinisher, and work into the crack. You can use a toothbrush, but it is not as effective as it doesn't have as many bristles.
  • To get into spindles and rungs, use course twine such as macrame rope or baling twine. Wet the twine in Refinisher and work it into the groove.
  • Set the jar lid back on your container to eliminate evaporation in between dippings of refinisher.
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