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Steel Wool

Rhodes American Steel Wool is made of the most uniform, high quality metal strands. It is used to remove finishes, sand between coats of finish, polish metal, clean surfaces, and many other uses. It is a great alternative to sandpaper when you need an abrasive that creates a smooth, uniform pattern.

Steel Wool Pads

Steel Wool is available in 7 grades, from super fine "0000" to medium "3". Grade 0 is commonly called single aught, grade 00 is called double aught, grade 000 is called triple aught, and 0000 is called four aught.

We recommend grade "0" for removing varnish, shellac, and lacquer with Western Wood Doctor Refinisher, and grade "1" for removing thick finishes, such as 2-3 coats of paint. Grade "0" is better at retaining the liquid, whereas grade "1" is a little coarser and won't clog as quickly when working on thick finish. Use grade "0000" with Western Metal Doctor to remove heavy tarnish from brass and copper. Howard Restore A Finish can be applied with a cloth, or when greater finish penetration is required, applied with grade 0000.

Steel wool can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Clean and polish metal
  • Remove finish
  • Smooth wood
  • Scour pots, pans, utensils
  • Degloss painted surfaces
  • 16 pads per package

Steel Wool "0000"     Use with Metal Doctor  

$ 4.95  

Steel Wool "000"    


Steel Wool "00"  


Steel Wool "0"       Use with WWD Refinisher


Steel Wool "1"  


Steel Wool "2"  


Steel Wool "3"  


Tips: When repairing a finish always experiment in an inconspicuous place first, like the inside of a leg, door or drawer. When steel wool or sandpaper are used for sanding, remove leftover abrasive particles with compressed air and/or a tack cloth before applying new finish.

Grade Descriptions:

  • "0000" =   Super Fine
  • "000"   =   Extra Fine
  • "00"     =   Very Fine
  • "0"       =   Fine
  • "1"       =   Medium
  • "2"       =   Medium Course
  • "3"       =   Course

Fine Wood Working Magazine has a very informative article about steel wool.

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