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Metal Doctor Brass and Copper Cleaner

Western Metal Doctor is a heavy duty brass and copper cleaner. It quickly removes heavy tarnish and oxidation from copper boilers, copper and brass fire extinguishers, cookware such as the bottom of pots and pans, lamps, doorknobs, stair and bar hand rails, antiques, and many other items. Metal Doctor also works great on marine applications such as brightwork trim, portholes, bells, cleats, etc., on boats, ships, and docks.

Most metal cleaners found in stores will remove light tarnish, but aren't designed to remove heavy oxidation. Metal Doctor has the strength to remove black and green corrosion. If you've been frustrated with grocery store brand cleaners, you'll be very happy with Western Metal Doctor!

  • Removes heavy black tarnish
  • Cleans Brass, Copper, and Bronze
  • Easiest cleaner to remove bad tarnish on the market!

Metal Doctor Brass and Copper Cleaner

Most people can clean 1 to 2 copper boilers with 1 bottle of Metal Doctor Brass and Copper Cleaner.

Brass and Copper Cleaner   8 oz.                       $7.95  


  1. Pour 2 to 3 oz. Metal Doctor in a small wide-mouth jar.
  2. Dip 1/3 pad "0000" steel wool in Metal Doctor and squeeze excess back in jar.
  3. Rub steel wool in a 3" to 4" area until oxidation dissolves.
  4. Wipe area with a wet rag to neutralize the liquid.
  5. Wipe dry with an absorbent cloth or towel.
  6. We recommend applying a metal polish such as Simichrome to bring the metal to it's highest shine and retard tarnishing.
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