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Speedheater Rentals

If you would like to try the Speedheater before you buy it, or simply have a small project that only requires it for a short time, we will be happy to rent one to you.

Rentals are not orderable from the website, please call us at the phone number listed below.

Speedheater Paint Remover on a door

Cost: N/A

Minimum rental period: 3 Days
The rental time starts when you receive the unit (based on UPS records). You will not be charged for shipping time.

Deposit: We will charge a deposit for the full amount of the products to your credit card. After you return the unit, we will refund the difference between the rental and the deposit.

How to rent: Not available at this time.

Clean-up and return shipping: Please clean with paint thinner and a soft cloth to remove any paint splatter. Please return the Speedheater, carrying case, support bar, instruction manual and DVD via UPS ground.

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