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Speedheater Paint Remover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use my own scraper?

You can use any scraper that you like, but some scrapers are more efficient, and will make your project a lot easier. Speedheater scrapers are designed to be pulled toward you with both hands, which requires much less energy than using a putty knife. A putty knife is designed to be pushed away from you at a shallow angle, which causes strain on your hand and wrist. Pushing a putty knife at a shallow angle can gouge the wood, whereas pulling a Speedheater scraper blade that is perpendicular to the wood causes little or no damage to the surface.

How long do I need to heat the area?

The following times are starting points. Users should experiment initially with shorter heating times and gradually work up to longer heating times if needed.

Indoor:     20 - 40 seconds
Outdoor:   30 - 90 seconds

Weather conditions will affect the heating time needed for outdoor projects. If the temperature is low and/or wind is present, heating times will need to be longer than during warm, calm weather.

How do I protect areas that I don't want to strip?

You can create a heat shield very easily to protect glass and other areas that you don't want to strip. Choose a thin board (1/4" or thicker) that is slightly larger than the Speedheater (14.5" long x 5.5" wide). Cover it with aluminum foil. Place your new heat shield over glass and other areas that you want to protect from the heat.

How much does the Speedheater weigh?

The Speedheater weighs 4.5 lbs. with the cord.

How hot does the Speedheater get?

The Speedheater tool can reach 550 - 600 ° F, but the surface of the paint or varnish normally reaches 200 - 400 ° F. Environmental conditions such as the ambient temperature and wind, heating time, and distance to the surface will affect the surface temperature.

How large of an area does the Speedheater heat?

The Speedheater heats an area approximately 4.5" x 12.25".

How do I use the Window Glazing Chisel with Roller and Window Putty Scraper?

The Window Glazing Chisel is designed to be held perpendicular to the glass at a roughly 45 ° angle from vertical, to remove the glazing that holds the glass in the frame.

The Window Putty Scraper is used on the surface of the glass to remove remaining putty, paint, etc..

How many coats of paint will the Speedheater remove?

The Speedheater will remove many coats of paint in one heating. The number of coats that it will remove depends on many factors, including type of paint, dryness/age of paint, heating time, ambient temperature and wind, etc.. Most projects only require 1 heating per area.

Will the Speedheater work on boats?

The Speedheater works great on wood boats. You can remove multiple coats of marine spar varnish or paint in one heating, making exterior maintenance so much easier. Since there are no chemicals or sanding dust, you don't have to neutralize or clean the surface, so you can apply a new finish immediately.

How do I sharpen the Speedheater scrapers?

Speedheater scrapers are only beveled on 1 side. The following methods can be used to sharpen the blade:

  1. Remove the blade from the handle. Place a piece of sandpaper (150 - 220 grit) on a flat surface, and rub the back (non-beveled side) of the blade in circles. This method is the simplest, but if the blade is very dull, it can take some rubbing, since you are wearing away the backside of the blade.

  2. Place the blade in a vice or sharpening jig and use a small to medium file or wetstone on the beveled edge to sharpen it. This is a quicker sharpening method, but it requires attention to detail to maintain the correct angle on the bevel.

  3. If you use a knife sharpening tool or machine, make sure it only sharpens 1 side of the blade.

  4. Contact your local hardware store or look in your phone book for a professional sharpening service.

Be careful not to get the blade too hot if you use a power tool. Too much heat, such as from a grinding wheel, will reduce the temper (hardness) of the steel, reducing the time the scraper will stay sharp.

Use care when handling the blade, especially if you pick it up by the edges. It can easily cut you when it is sharp. Wear gloves or use a tool such as pliers to pick up the blade.

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